Maso di Mezzo

tells the true story of a village which lies in the enchanting Piana Rotaliana, North East Italy. This village, once called “Mezzo” is now Mezzocorona: a village that has always been protected by a mountain of dolomite rock which rises majestically above the village.

A land of borders and a mix between Germanic Europe and the Italian territories to the south.

A land of battles and conquests, which has seen men and women dedicate their lives to the cultivation of the vine since the dawn of time.

Our Wines

Maso di Mezzo wines are a new interpretation of the centuries-long winemaking tradition of this unique Dolomitic area in the North of Italy.  

The ancient nobility of each varietal is re-interpreted with a modern style, where fresh elegance and aromatic fragrance prevail.




Since the times of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, the “gold of Tyrol” has always been appreciated for its powerful, dense, and intense colour alongside its distinct and unmistakable fruitiness. In the last decades, this variety has been made with long aging in wood, exalting its body and structure.
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Cultivated and vinified in the widest range of wine-growing areas, over the centuries Chardonnay has found the Dolomites a small corner where it has been able to integrate well with the local viticulture. The wide temperature range in this valley helps accentuate its cooler and more aromatic side and how the hills in Trentino are exposed to light leads to a perfect maturation of the grape.
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Pinot Grigio



After over a century of adapting to the vineyards of Trentino and its Dolomite landscape, this grape variety has become
Trentino’s Prince of White Grapes. This title is just right as the wine reveals its nobility, with delicacy and elegance
in the glass whilst boasting immediacy and expressiveness at the same time.
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Pinot Grigio Rosé



It is exactly this colour which perfectly expresses the very nature of Pinot Grigio. The colour of its berries, with copper hues, reveals the ductility of this grape variety which creates wines boasting many shades of colour. It is said that the first vintners to use this grape, would vinify it as a Rosé wine.
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Müller Thurgau



A special name for one of the grape varieties which is best suited to the high altitudes of the Dolomites hills. Selected in Switzerland, in the village of Thurgau by the geneticist Herman Müller, this vine is cultivated mostly in the Val di Cembra, where, sheltered by mountains and woods, its characteristics of understated elegance have found a natural home.
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In the Maso many traditions and customs were developed,
one such tradition being the marking of tools for the fields and cellars with initials or signs: marks which remained intrinsically linked to that Maso.
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